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Teen Activities

We host monthly teen activities, and encourage our teens to fellowship with one another.  We conduct a variety of activities from scavenger hunts and escape rooms, to bonfires and movie nights.  We want to encourage our teens to be active, be involved, befriend one another, and, most importantly, better their relationship with God.


Bible Study Fellowship

Teen Group

We currently offer one teen class, which emboldens and encourages our teens to learn the many lessons the Bible has to offer.  While it is a Sunday School class, fellowship is encouraged (when appropriate), and the teens are actively encouraged to participate in class.

Church Services

Our teens are included in our normal church services.  This allows them to get the most of the preaching offered by Pastor York.  We encourage our teens to be involved in the church by serving, and one of the many opportunities is by learning the soundboard and livestream.  We allow teens to rotate in serving weekly.  Our teen members are encouraged to speak with Sheryl York or Greg Hauser about opportunities to serve.